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Let us show what we can do for your business.

Cartoon Magic Events also offers opportunities for other businesses.

Products For Businesses

  • Photographer Package(Boston area only for now): We provide the photographer/videographer, and they take care of capturing the content and sending the customer the content after it has been animated. Videos especially are not instant, but it does let us get time to adjust the lighting and filters in a way that gets the best results, and provides a trained and experienced person to get that content that knows our filters and how to get the best content. See below or look at our gallery to learn more. We currently offer three video styles and six image styles. Customers can request which styles they are interested in.

  • Self Service: For the Self Service option, your customers or employees take and upload any content for a given event. These folders can be done on demand using our app for a given event, and we will send a folder invite to their email address and number by text, into which anyone can upload content they take. We will turn any content uploaded into that folder into animated content.  This uses the same styles and features as our team, but customers or your staff would upload the content. This option works well for customers who want to take their own pictures, or for businesses that are photographers or already have photographers they work with.  There is an upload content limit of 70 megabytes per hour. See below for examples, or visit our gallery page.

  • Self Service Posters: We have a month until these are available, but we are on our way! We provide a poster that has a QR code which takes the customer to a web page. From there, they can upload pictures and have them turned into cartoons. The images then download directly to their phones a few seconds later. For our posters, we offer immediate download for all image content. That means that people get their content downloaded to their phones, and can share it wherever almost immediately.

  • For more information, please contact us and we can give you more details regarding any services you are interested in. For some examples of our current and former styles, please see our gallery.

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