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 Get a unique visual experience from your event, that neither you or your guests will forget.

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We are an event photography and videography company that offer video effects that create animated style videos and photographs. This is in addition to traditional videography and photography. This will create a fun event that is visually memorable, and people of all ages will enjoy.

What does CartoonMagicEvents offer? We offer videography of any special event. This includes traditional videography, where we take all the special moments as videos. Once edited, these moments are also animated, and turned into cartoons. You will receive both the live video, along with two different animated versions of those videos. You can choose among our animation styles to pick the two you like best. This includes a black and white, sketch animation, along with a full color animation. Additionally, our videographer will have QR codes that will allow your guests to take unlimited numbers of images that are turned into cartoons instantly.  See an additional photo and video gallery here:                                                      Gallery

Animated Birthday Image
Animated Office Party Event Photography

What events do you offer videography and/or photography for?  We do all types of youth celebrations including birthdays, graduations, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceaneras. We also do weddings or parties. There is no type of celebration that we don't think we can enhance.

What locations are you currently in? We currently are able to offer our services in Boston, MA and Providence, RI, along with areas between those two cities. We hope to offer our services in other areas soon.

What is the process for booking an event? Submit a form with your contact information. We will reach out and schedule a time for a consultation on the location, time, and type of events, and get a better understanding of how you want your event recorded.

What is the timeline for receiving the photos and videos? Videos typically take one week for final editing and animating. You will receive an email link and a text prompt to view the videos in a shared folder. Photographs that guests take are available instantly, and will download to their phones within a few seconds of them submitting the images. Photographs that our photographers take will typically take 3-4 business days to complete.

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